Apartment investment

Prices start from $150,000 DLLS, you can download our prices if you want to see them in depth.

Conchas Chinas: From $25 DLLS to $85 DLLS per night
Colonia Versalles: From $15 DLLS to $45 DLLS per night
Downtown area: From $35 DLLS to $150 DLLS per night

It depends on which apartment you choose. The investment recovery would be proportional to how much time and at what price you rent it. You can approach us in order to give you more detailed information depending on what you’re looking for. You may recover your investment in less time than you think.

With the investment you would make in just one apartment, you can have 3 that would practically pay by themselves just by renting them on different platforms! The only downside: to buy in credit you have to wait for the development to be 80% finished.

Why you should invest?

Great locations:
We have developments in some of the best locations in Puerto Vallarta

Capital gain:
You will recover your money in less time than you think, we have great plans and options for you

The different Homia developments cater to even the most demanding requests, find your dream place with all the amenities and commodities we have to offer.