Artisan Lagos

Buy a new apartment that is already rented!

Starting price from: $178,325 USD

Opportunity for buy a new apartments in Puerto Vallarta with a rental contract.

How does it work?

  • We have 8 apartments that receive rent of $22,000 - $34,000 MXN of rent with contracts until 2023
  • If you obtain a mortgage loan and give a down payment of $500,000, the rent is enough to pay the loan. What do you think?
  • If it is within your budget, receive income from day one. Prices start at $3,000,0000 MXN
Artisan Lagos

Earn money

Artisan Lagos

Live off your income

Artisan Lagos

Safe investment

Artisan Lagos
  • It offers a new perspective of what home is.
  • Located in Fluvial Residential, one of the most central and exclusive areas of Puerto Vallarta.
  • The complex is made up of 5 floors of apartments with only 25 units available.
  • Enjoy our fitness center, infinity pool, sunbathing area, grill, and bar.
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Artisan Lagos


Artisan Lagos


Artisan Lagos


Artisan Lagos


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Non-Mexicans can obtain direct ownership of property in Mexico's interior. Properties within 50 kilometers of any ocean front and 100 kilometers of any border must be acquired through a bank trust or the formation of a Mexican corporation, according to Mexican law.

Yes, legislation passed in 1973 and 1993 enabled foreigners, foreign companies, and Mexican firms with foreign participation to acquire interests in coastal real estate through a bank trust or a Mexican corporation. Please keep in mind that more details about Bank Trust and Mexican Corporation can be found in the FAQ – Closing Process section.

Yes, a non-Mexican must buy property inside the restricted zone through a Bank Trust or a Mexican Corporation. If you want to buy a home purely for personal use, you must use a bank trust. If you want to buy for reasons other than residential, you can do so through a Mexican corporation, subject to certain conditions and procedures.

Foreigners are often concerned that the Mexican government will seize their property. Mexico does not expropriate land except for a public reason under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). In the United States, this is known as "Eminent Domain." When it is appropriate to expropriate property, prompt and fair market compensation, as well as accumulated interest, must be compensated.

While a bank trust is a legal replacement for fee simple ownership, the trustee is also the legal holder of the land. As the beneficiary, you have the unrestricted right to sell your house. You may also assign your rights to a third party or designate heirs.

Anyone, including those in Mexico on a tourist visa, can purchase property. It is claimed that if you sign a contract, rent a house or condo, buy a house or condo, or lease land, you are no longer a "tourist" and can apply for a Temporary Resident Visa. However, a Temporary Resident Visa is not needed in order to purchase land.

When you arrive in Mexico, you will be issued a Tourist Visa. This visa allows you to stay in Mexico for up to 180 days (nearly six months) without having to work. You can also apply for a Temporary Resident Visa while still in your home country, which is valid for a year and can be extended for up to four years.

This is the visa obtained upon first entering Mexico and can be extended indefinitely by merely leaving Mexico within the allotted 180-day timeframe and then reentering.

This is a document for someone who wants to live in Mexico part-time but does not want to make it their permanent home. To be issued a Temporary Resident Visa, you must demonstrate that you have sufficient capital to be financially independent, or that you fulfill certain conditions to operate or own a company in Mexico. Temporary Resident Visa "Rentista" status is open to those with a monthly income of more than $1,000 USD (from investments, social security, or other retirement) plus an additional $500 USD for each dependent. The amount of income needed is nearly cut in half if one owns property in Mexico.

This document is for someone who wants to live in Mexico permanently, and the requirements are just marginally more rigorous than for temporary resident status. After four years of successfully fulfilling the conditions of a Temporary Resident Visa (including limited time out of Mexico), one may apply for "Inmigrado" status, which grants you most of the rights and privileges of a Mexican citizen, with the primary exception being the right to vote. Inmigrado status does not require you to give up your native citizenship, but it allows you to work and stay in Mexico without having to renew your immigration papers every year.

Yes, you can sell to both Mexicans and non-Mexicans. Please keep in mind that a Non-Mexican will also be needed to establish a bank trust.

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