All about Mexico’s Temporary Resident Visa and what it entails


For those who are seeking to spend more time in Mexico, one of the considerations to think about is the temporary resident visa. This is a common choice for those who are enjoying their time in the country and wish to make it a bit more long-term and more “day to day” responsibilities. There are some details to know about this particular visa, which we will discuss below.

What is a temporary resident visa? At its barest minimum, a temporary resident visa is one that is focused on helping a tourist transform into a temporary resident. This natural step forward is going to help tourists establish the beginnings of roots in Mexico so that they can dedicate energy and time to spending more time in the country.

As far as specifics, this is going to focus mostly on the idea that you will be able to support yourself in Mexico, financially speaking. For some, this means that you’ll need to provide records that speak to your own personal financial situation that meet their requirements. As far as those requirements, it means that you must have $1,000 USD coming in per month in some form of financial income. If you have dependents, this amount will increase by $500 USD per person.

If you meet those requirements in earnings, regardless of what legal form they come from (investments, retirement earnings, etc.), you will qualify for a temporary resident visa as far as the finances are concerned. The rest is straightforward expectations.

Is that number firm? For those who aren’t in a financially stable place, you may be feeling a little apprehensive. If you own property in Mexico, that number will be nearly halved. This is part of why many people will actually consider it as a great idea — both as far as an investment and for its actual benefits of enjoying a new home! Another way to get around that number is to show that you have a way of earning income through working with a Mexican company. If you show that you have commercial roots in Mexico, this will also lower the expectancy for financial expectations.

How does it compare to a permanent resident visa? The main difference between this resident visa and a permanent resident visa is time! A temporary visa implies that you are looking to go back and forth regularly between your home country and Mexico, within the restrictions of the temporary resident visa. The permanent resident visa changes those details because it implies that you are looking at settling down permanently (more or less) in Mexico.

A temporary resident visa is a common choice for those who wish to be able to settle down in Mexico with more permanency than a tourist would, but perhaps not quite for permanent resident status. Even if you do wish to become a permanent resident, you will still need to have a temporary resident status first. As such, it’s a logical choice for most people for all of the right reasons!

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