Buy Or Rent in Puerto Vallarta?

 When looking at spending any amount of time in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find yourself wondering whether or not it’s better to rent or buy.  Both are popular options, of course, and it does depend on how you intend to spend your time in this exciting city.  Interested in learning more?  You’re in the right place!

Renting in Puerto Vallarta 

There are many places that you can rent in Puerto Vallarta, and renting is certainly a good option if you are coming for the first time or looking for a short-term rental maybe one or twice a year.

You’ll enjoy cost savings when looking at renting in Puerto Vallarta.  For example, when comparing the numbers to Toronto, Canada, for instance (a large metropolitan city where prices are moderate to high for rent)  Just for rent alone (not including any other cost of living expenses), Puerto Vallarta is going to give you a sayings of over 63% for the exactly same quality of life and rental unit itself.  Not to mention power, internet, etc on top of all that.

So, renting in Puerto Vallarta, even if it’s for a few months at a time, is going to save you some serious cash when it comes to your savings earned.  However, it also gives you potential savings in property, too!

Buying in Puerto Vallarta

If you’ve always wanted to be a property owner but can’t afford even cheaper rates, then Puerto Vallarta is also going to give you more opportunity, too.  The purchasing rate is 63% lower than even in a small Canadian town called Sarnia.  You can actually make your reality of being a property owner a reality when looking at the affordable rates of Puerto Vallarta.

Buy Or Rent in Puerto Vallarta?

Some pointers

Though you can enjoy a return rate of 24% between capital gains and income. And even ROI up to 44 months after you’ve bought the apartment, everyone’s situation is different.  Just like any other financial investment, you’ll need to make sure that you focus on getting a quality return.

Remember that not all investments are wise ones, depending on your situation.  You’ll want to assess any kind of potential property sales beforehand, professionally, and make sure that you are putting your hard-earned cash into an apartment that is going to hold up over item and financial investment.

The best way to do this is through renting it out while you’re gone and then enjoying it as your own home that you actually own, when you go down to Puerto Vallarta.  In fact, this is so much considered the “best” way to do it, that it’s quite common to see a lot of apartments rented out by people in the US or Canada that allow other visitors to rent out their homes while they are away.

What you decide is always going to be your choice, but it’s hard to ignore those numbers and how they can work out in your favour, that’s for sure!  Now imagine just how good it will feel to own property that doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg?

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