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FH3 Construction Company?

A company that was founded by 4 professionally consolidated entrepreneurial visionaries. Experts in planning, vertical housing construction, finance, marketing, and public relations.

The idiosyncrasy of Constructora FH3 lies in a low-risk construction, as they are planned and with absolute responsibility.



PortoSanto is an impressive condominium complex in the heart of Puerto Vallarta with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. PortoSanto maximizes the living space of the 46 residences delicately, with elegance, comfort, smart technology, and personalized service.

In this complex, we can find one-bedroom or two-bedroom units and excellent amenities. Without a doubt, it is one of our Favorite and the most acclaimed project by our clients.

FH3 Construction Company
FH3 Construction Company


Punto Madeira is located in ColoniaVersalles, which is listed as the heart of Puerto Vallarta. It's a 55 smart unit complex. On the first level, you will find commercial space, and on the second level a business center and a concept for coworking space.

On the rooftop, you'll find an infinity pool, amazing views of the ocean, lounge chairs, grills, and a Gym. In Punto Madeira, each unit has an automation system and controls for the lighting of the department.


Carmelina is a vertical housing complex, which has 52 condominiums, built on an 850 square meter land. On the ninth floor, you will find an impressive infinity pool that measures 240 square meters, with a Jacuzzi and a 16-meter swimming lane.

The terraces will have sundecks damp, steam room, gym, and sky bar with the best views of the port. Each floor has 7 different types of units, 4 different types of one-bedroom units, and three types of two-bedroom units.

FH3 Construction Company