Having an Apartment in Puerto Vallarta: Should I Rent It?

 When you head to Puerto Vallarta do some R & R, you have the option of choosing between hotels, which are great, and many available apartments that are open for rent by owners who split their time between Mexico and the US or Canada.  What should you choose as far as the better option?  Whatever’s cheapest, right?  Well, the same thing goes for those property owners of the AirBNBs or apartments.

Having an Apartment in Puerto Vallarta: Should I Rent It?

The financials

In Puerto Vallarta, you can find a great $200, 000 USD apartment in a good spot relatively easily.  With plenty of them available, they are easily afforded by those who are used to prices that are triple that in bad spots of town up in the US or Canada.

These apartments, beautiful and modern, right in the hub of Puerto Vallarta, are exactly what those who travel are looking for, too.  Charging a competitive rate when compared to the hotels in the same place, travellers will much prefer your apartment and all of its privacy, combined with the fact that it’s short-term and designed specifically that way.

The numbers work in your favour

When you look at it in more detail, the numbers are even more appealing.  With a 40% occupancy rate throughout the year, and charging $150 USD per night, you can earn up to $21, 900 a year just from those times where you rent out your AirBnB!   Most find that they have a 25% ROI and will have up to 44 months to recover all of the money invested in the initial property purchase itself.

This ROI is much higher than any other parts in Mexico as well as in Canada or the US.  This is because all of the rates are in USD, so the profitability is higher in both currencies, giving you even more leverage for your money.

Passive income and quality living

These apartments are not dumps or bad investments for most people.  This means that you’ll be able to enjoy great passive income while renting out a safe property to those who are looking to enjoy some time in Puerto Vallarta.  You’ll also be able to rely on the fact that this is going to give you the best ROI, too, especially with the USD conversion.  

Popular and done by all sorts of other foreign investors, property becomes a commodity to buy and a large asset when it comes to earning income.  While you certainly don’t need to rent out an apartment while you’re not there to enjoy it, it does work out in your favour, financially speaking.  You’ll also still have a nice place to stay when you do head down to Puerto vallarta, which is the whole reason you had it in the first place, right?

Plus, there’s the added satisfaction that the property isn’t going to sit empty while you are up home in the US or Canada.  It’ll earn you great income and keep the property safe and sound at the same time for the best of both!

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