How To Get A Mexican Permanent Resident Visa (Complete Guide)

Permanent Visa In Mexico


For those that wish to solidify their time in Mexico, a permanent resident visa is going to be a great choice. But what actually is it going to do, and does it differ at all from a temporary resident visa that you already have working for? Here’s what you should know about this long-term resident choice.

What is a permanent resident visa? As the name suggests, this visa is intended for when you are looking at the idea of settling down permanently in Mexico. For example, you are someone who’s done the steps of a tourist visa, a temporary resident visa, and now have decided on settling down as a permanent resident in Mexico itself. To qualify for this, you must meet more or less the same requirements of the temporary resident visa. However, you will need to have had a temporary resident visa in place, legally, for four years. This means that you’d have to meet the requirements of that status for the entire four years.

What rights will the permanent resident visa give me? In most cases, it will feel like a temporary resident visa as far as the actual requirements. This includes the financial requirements and also the assurance that you are spending only a limited time outside of Mexico. Qualifying for this kind of visa means that you will have most of the rights and privileges of a citizen in Mexico, but you will not be able to vote. Otherwise, this is more or less a temporary visa when you are looking at the idea of qualifying for it. The other main difference is that you are going to not have to continuously renew your resident status. This is a “one and done” solution unless you decide to apply to become a citizen after a set amount of time (which isn’t required).

Perks of permanent residency: If you are looking at staying permanently in Mexico to live, then this is going to be a wonderful option so that you can enjoy a “permanent” status in Mexico without you having to reapply for it and renew it every so often, as with a temporary resident. Just keep in mind that there will be some details about how much time you can spend outside of Mexico per year in order to qualify. Many find that having a temporary resident visa is a great choice that leads them logically to seek a permanent solution. Most who apply for one have no concerns about qualifying, assuming that their situation hasn’t changed from when they renewed their temporary resident visa and that they haven’t violated its restrictions. In many cases, those who buy property in Mexico and decide to extend their time down there become permanent residents. While it isn’t the path for every single person, it is a popular one and it is going to be easy to achieve for those that wish to make it so. The rights and privileges of this visa are also going to be a great advantage.

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