How to Plan Your Retirement Lifestyle in Mexico

Congratulations on your decision to move to Mexico! We believe that you will get the most out of living there. Most people are kind, and the weather and food are extremely agreeable. In this article, we will walk you through the considerations you need to make to plan your new life.

  1. Have a lifestyle plan. Consider that you’re moving to a different country with another language, customs, and weather.
  2. Where do you want to live? Research the city or town thoroughly, preferably visit a couple of times before. Make sure it can meet your basic needs.
  3. Review the requirements to obtain a visa. Seek counsel from an immigration attorney or visit a consulate to talk to an expert.
  4. Find a property to live in. Consider renting or buying when you get to Mexico. The cost of both is accessible, and you can live in a nice house or apartment without spending too much while you adapt.
  5. Learn the language. Mexicans have a peculiar language, and you’re better off learning the local fads to integrate better.
  6. Food. Food is of great quality in Mexico, so you shouldn’t have trouble keeping healthy. As a diverse country, there are several fruits and vegetables available all year round. But there are also exotic meals that can be too much for foreigners’ stomachs, so try new things little by little.
  7. Healthcare. Nobody wants to get sick, but it happens. When living in another country, it is important to research beforehand where to get medical attention if needed. You can also get medical insurance from any company by presenting proof of legal residence, and it will save you a lot of money in an emergency.
  8. Pets. If you are bringing your pet across the border, you will need to get a Certificate of Health from your local veterinarian 5 days before leaving. The vet will make sure your pet is current with all their shots and hand you a dated Certificate of Health. You may want to attach this to the carrier, right on the top so it can be viewed easily by customs at the border. Make sure to have extra copies of this paperwork too.

Considering these things will give you a good living experience in Mexico. If you are considering buying a property in Mexico, don’t hesitate to contact HOMIA, one of the best real estate agencies in Mexico.

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