How To Work From Puerto Vallarta When The Weather Is Bad


Regardless of where we live, the weather often determines what we do, and when we do it.  For instance, winter sends most of us scuttling inside and staying warm by the fire, housebound.  Summer allows us to flock to the beaches and enjoy some time in the sun.  But, what if you could apply the same ability to adapt your schedule to the weather with your professional, work-oriented life?  If you live in Canada or the US, you’ve got the potential to put remote work to use and explore the world to your south whenever is most convenient for you!

Why does travel time matter?

The thing is, because of the seasonal fluctuations and the fact that work schedules follow them, many tourists and other travelers will head to the same places as you, when you head there.  This can mean hiked rates and crowded spots that otherwise are empty, save for the locals, during other times of the year.

Why not travel at a time where you’ll have the potential to actually take in these popular sights without the crowds?  This is where remote work comes in.

Remote work and travel

When you are working remotely (aka, allowed to work anywhere you want), you don’t just have the capacity to work from home.  You can hypothetically grab your work gear and head to the sunny world of Puerto Vallarta during the tourist off-season and explore this exciting spot while it is otherwise tourist-free.

Not only will you get great discounts and lots of adventures, you’ll also earn an income and basically get paid to go on vacation — kinda.  For those that love to travel and who want to really immerse themselves in a spot, this is a great option.

The schedule is whatever you determine it

In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, there is a schedule just like everywhere else in the world.  Between March to April, there are Easter celebrations.  The time between June and August is the summer break for students in Mexico.  All of these times allow you to either travel to Mexico to catch those times, or to avoid them — however you wish.

Stay a while

Puerto Vallarta has warmth, sunshine and beautiful beaches all year round.  It’s a popular spot for tourists, but it’s one of those places where you’re going to want to settle in and stay a while.  Since you have the option of working remotely, you can settle into a safe place within Puerto Vallarta and enjoy 1-3 months or longer without compromising your work schedule or availability.

During the week, you can work as normal.  Then, you can explore the city streets during the weekend while a lot of the Mexicans are gone for the weekend, playing your role as the ultimate tourist.  Think of it as the option to go away on vacation every single weekend without having to travel!

Work As The Weather Allows

When you want comfort, convenience, safety, and lots of sunshine, Puerto Vallarta is a great spot to settle in and enjoy some remote work.  It’ll be perfect all year round and will be a sure way to enjoy even more out of your day to day professional life!

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