Is It Suitable To Work From Puerto Vallarta?

If you’re considering the idea of working remotely from the sunny city and beach waiting for you in Puerto Vallarta, congratulations on making a fantastic decision!  This is becoming more and more popular as time goes on, though there are some who still worry about staple questions, mostly to do with access.  Puerto Vallarta, despite some people’s thoughts, is as advanced as Switzerland or Calgary or Seattle. It’s just in a tropical, sunny place that you can enjoy freely!

Is It Suitable To Work From Puerto Vallarta?

In short, yes!  You’ll be able to access all of the modern conveniences that you’re going to need to help you work remotely from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  This includes comfortable living accommodations and, of course, reliable power and internet access.

Internet companies to choose from

There are a few internet providers that you can choose from in Puerto Vallarta.  You’ll want to do your research on each of these and use that information to help you choose the best one for you.

  • Telmex: Thought to be the most cost-effective in what you get, this is going to offer you residential phone lines and internet service, including Netflix.  You can expect rates starting at 25 USD  per month, which is often much cheaper than a lot of US cities.

  • Cosmored: While not as popular, this is going to offer you internet and cable TV packages at lower price.  The packages available often start lower, around 20 USD   They have a lower service area, but the savings are great.

  • Izzi: Lower, still, this offers internet and cable packages that tend to be around 18 USD or 20 USD per month,  They often focus on the same zones as Telmex and can give great ranges.

Speed rate should factor in

Of course, not all internet is made equal!  You’re going to want to make sure that you understand what speed you need for download and uploads so that you aren’t going with a package that doesn’t work for your remote job role.

For instance, according to Connecta, you can get anywhere from 10-100MBsps (MB per second) in your package, and the price will change depending on what you need.  If you don’t use the internet except for small things, the cheaper price of a 10 MBps package is fine.  If you are a heavy internet user, though, you’ll want to “splurge” for the 100 MBps rate instead.

What industries work best from Puerto Vallarta?

As far as remote jobs themselves, there are all sorts of great roles that you can enjoy right from home, including  Silicon Valley positions, anything to do with customer service, and, of course, tech industries and freelance positions.  The long and short of it is that more and more big and small name companies are relying on remote positions, so this list will continue to grow.

Puerto Vallarta is, in fact, a great place to consider settling down for remote work positions, whatever they may be.  Just know what you need and get the right internet package to suit your needs!

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