Life and surroundings of the Conchas Chinas neighborhood

This marvelous place named Conchas Chinas, refers to a type of seashell found only on the area’s sandy coves. It’s a residential-only area and it’s known as the Beverly Hills of Puerto Vallarta by almost everyone. This place is a picture-postcard upmarket neighborhood located in the coastal resort of Puerto Vallarta, one of Mexico’s most popular holiday destinations. Built on rocky cliffs covered in tropical rainforest vegetation, home to birds of paradise and diverse plant life, with amazing views of the bay and the old town and its own beach, the location of Conchas Chinas is one of the best in the entire Banderas bay.

Playa Conchas Chinas has remarkable crystal-clear water and many, exclusive hidden coves, created by the rocky coastline, that seem to have been painted by a goddess. This beach is quieter than its neighbor, Playa los Muertos, the most popular beach in Puerto Vallarta. As tourists flock to “Playa los Muertos”, you are free to enjoy the solitude of Playa Conchas Chinas.

Real Estate in Conchas Chinas. Is one of the first communities developed in the area and stands true to its nickname. The local architecture is classic to the authenticity of Puerto Vallarta, with modern developments as well as rustic Mexican-style homes that are quite spread amongst the neighborhoods nestled in the tropical jungle of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Playa Conchas chinas is one of the most lucrative beaches in the Banderas Bay area, known for its stunning views of the region. Still not trafficked by the majority, Playa Conchas Chinas provides a semi-secluded ocean day experience because of the large boulders that surround it and easy accessibility. With roads filled with cobble-stone and rustic Mexican homes lining the streets, Conchas Chinas offers a unique glance back in time to a more authentic Mexico. The neighborhoods are safe and well-lit and offer clear paths to and from the beaches back to the highway.

For those in reasonably good shape, if you continue walking past the southern tip of Los Muertos, winding trails and a bit of a climb will land you at Conchas Chinas. Also, an inexpensive taxi ride from the Amapas neighborhood will get you there. This beach shows off luxurious soft sand and dramatic cliff-filled vistas. Considerably less crowded, it supports fewer vendors and quite possibly more sightings of whales and other wildlife.

Life and surroundings of the Conchas Chinas neighborhood

Few spots in the Bay of Banderas can compete with the sunset views seen from the hills of Conchas Chinas. If you’re silent you can listen to the sounds of the many tropical birds, gaze at flora of the jungle and admire the crystal-clear blue ocean while you whale watch. Conchas Chinas is located right next to Amapas and Emiliano Zapata, making this neighborhood particularly alluring to those already familiar with Emiliano Zapata’s many restaurants, galleries, coffee shops and other attractions.
If you’d like to consider living in Conchas Chinas, we have a magical place just for you. Right in the heart of Conchas Chinas is our housing development named Carmelina. You’ll love it!

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