Life in Vallarta

Life in Vallarta

Why Puerto Vallarta?

There’s no need to explain, Puerto Vallarta is known worldwide by its Malecón and being a destination that combines entertainment, culture and beautiful beaches. If you’re interested in a new property, you won’t regret choosing Puerto Vallarta. You will enjoy beautiful warm weather throughout the whole year, an airport with lots of direct flights to other states and countries.

Which are the best locations to live in Puerto Vallarta?

Conchas Chinas

This location stands out by being the perfect combination of jungle and coast. This landscape is ideal for the ones searching a natural place to enjoy unforgettable moments. There’s a wide variety of birds and reptiles, as well as other marine animals.

It’s important to stand out that Conchas Chinas is certified as a Blue Flag beach, which is an international program that searches for beaches to be protected and clean. It seeks to take care of the water and the environment, educating visitors, offering security and other services.


Here is where you can find small family businesses, taco stands and cheap but still delicious restaurants just minutes away from the most famous restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. There’s also the farmers market, old churches, and a lot more commodities that make this location one of the most versatile of the whole place.

Prices are way lower than in other places in Puerto Vallarta, which will allow you to find “cheap” properties but still have a good income from them, which makes this one of the best places to do a real estate investment.

Some of the best private hospitals and schools of Puerto Vallarta are located just minutes away, also the famous mall of La Isla and the marine.

Downtown area

This location attracts tons of people to walk by its famous Malecon, where you can enjoy late night walks to bars and nightclubs. There's a huge variety of outdoor restaurants, art galleries and flea markets where you can find different objects and huichol handcrafts.

Life in Vallarta


Bucerías is a town located 20 minutes from Puerto Vallarta’s airport, picturesque for its friendly people and beautiful beaches. Located in the municipality of Bahía de Banderas, it is an excellent place to rest, stroll and enjoy good food.

The Oyster Festival is one of the many events that take place in this beautiful area. Held on Tehuamixtle beach within the Romantic Zone, this event offers not only gastronomic delights but also the presence of mixologists and chefs.

If you are a lover of water sports, this beach also has the possibility of practicing Kitesuf, Windsurf and Paddle. But if what you like are animals, you can also visit the "El Cora Crocodile Sanctuary". Let yourself be surprised by its large animals and discover its different attractions.

How much do the apartments cost and what is the capital gain?

They have an average of 30% capital gain. Prices of each one vary, you can find them in our price listings.

Why rent or buy in Puerto Vallarta?

Properties on Sale

Nalua Bucerías

Starting price coming soon

Location: Bucerías

Delivery: April 2025

Internal rate of return: Coming soon

30% Sold

Artisan Lagos

Starting price from: $178,325 USD

Location: Fluvial

Delivery: Buy an apartment and receive rent since the first day. Furnished and occupied apartments.

73% Sold

Artisan Park

Starting price from: $324,500 USD

Location: Fluvial

Prices from: $185,000 USD

Delivery: March 2023

Internal rate of return: Up to 13.6%

92% Sold

Naarena Bucerías

Starting price from: $426,870 USD

Location: Bucerías

Delivery: March 2023

Internal rate of return: Coming soon

88% sold


Starting price from: $353,497 USD

Location: Conchas Chinas

Delivery: Agosto 2023

Internal rate of return: Up to 30%

86% Sold


Starting price from: $279,552 USD

Location: Downtown area

Internal rate of return: Up to 27%

97% Sold

Sold out

Porto Santo

Location: Downtown area

Internal rate of return: Up to 27%

100% Sold

Punto Madeira

Last apartment available

Location: Colonia Versalles

Internal rate of return: Up to 15%

100% sold


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