Live in Homia’s real estate developments. Amenities, surplus value and other benefits

Well, if you are looking for some exceptional real estate opportunities coupled with an active lifestyle and unique culture, at probably half the cost of your present city, then Puerto Vallarta is your best choice!

This paradise, located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean with vibrant nightlife, a nonstop growing community of expatriates, famous for its LGBT community, year-round water sports and a subtropical climate are just a few of the many characteristics that make Puerto Vallarta the best place to live. So, if you need a positive and helpful partner for buying your next home in Puerto Vallarta then Homia Real Estate developments is just for you.

Live in Homia’s real estate developments. Amenities, surplus value and other benefits

We are a well-known and trusted resource where you can find the best and better prepared options. We have new innovative marketing strategies if you need to find your dream house or also if you’re looking for selling it for a good price. We have the best team to help you find your target and our negotiation skills are beyond expertise.

We know, that in the last few years there has been an increase in the number of foreign buyers who are investing in and purchasing real estate and residential properties in the region. For some years, Puerto Vallarta’s real estate market slowed down due to the financial crisis in the United States and general safety concerns about Mexico. If you were lucky to be a purchaser during this period, you would have had the opportunity of taking advantage of the ongoing decreases in real estate prices. As a result of these price decreases, today’s buyers especially within the luxury home category have the opportunity of finding properties for sale at fabulous prices. 

Finally, Puerto Vallarta’s market began once more to stabilize, and again we can see an increase in sales and new fantastic developments in different areas such as the one’s we offer at Homia’s:  Porto Santo, next to the cruise port and right behind the Crown Paradise Golden Hotel, Punto Madeira, in the Colonia Versalles, or Carmelina in Conchas Chinas, to name a few.

While some of these buyers are wealthy people who can afford to have an overseas luxury home for their frequent vacations, there are others who are on a budget. Many wishes to retire in this tropical paradise and enjoy everything that Puerto Vallarta has to offer. If you fall into either of these categories mentioned above, or if you are just keen on moving to Puerto Vallarta, you should consider investing in the region.

Puerto Vallarta has a huge amount of fantastic properties for either the luxury purchaser or the buyer that is price conscious to consider. Homia offers a high level of expertise, commitment to our customer, and the best knowledge of the real estate industry in Puerto Vallarta. Don’t hesitate to contact us and don’t waste any more time, let us help you find your own piece of paradise.

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