Lo de Marcos Real Estate

Lo de Marcos real estate

Condos for Sale Lo de Marcos, lots and properties. Los de Marcos and Puerto Vallarta México. Beach Front Condos

Lo De Marcos is a town in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. It has a year-round population of around 2,500, which swells to 3,000-3,500 between November and April. Understand The tourist crowd is an interesting blend of Mexican and international visitors. Many of the rental properties on or near the beach are owned by Mexicans from inland, most of those from Guadalajara. Probably 60-70% of the tourists in Lo De Marcos are retirees that are there for part or all of the winter. Many of those are recreational vehicle owners that live in the 5 main RV parks situated on or near the beach. Of the non-Mexican tourists, the split seems to be around 80%-20% Canadians to Americans, judging by the license plates in town. Americans are most likely to be from Northern California, Oregon, or Washington State. Canadians are most likely to be from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Quebec. One of the jokes in town (by those from Saskatchewan) is that there are about as many Saskatchewan Roughrider flags flying as there are Mexican flags. The notable Quebecois tourist population in Lo De Marcos is primarily located on the north end of the beach. But the truth is that most Canadians are from Quebec, BC and Alberta. Seasonal residents sometimes refer to this jokingly as the ‘French Quarter’. So yes, you can be misunderstood in at least 3 languages in this little town.

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