Mexican Security Situation: What About Puerto Vallarta?


You’ve probably heard all about the so-called negative press when it comes to travelling, working and living in Mexico.  Perhaps you’ve learned that it’s dangerous and sketchy and not at all a good idea.  Sure, this is what you’ve heard.  But the good news is that it’s very far from the reality.  Bad news always travels faster and further than good news, after all, right?  The same can be said for Puerto Vallarta and its safety and security.

Mexican Security Situation: What About Puerto Vallarta?

What’s the actual security situation in Mexico?

Did you know that Puerto Vallarta has been ranked as one of the safest places to live in Mexico?  This popular tourist-rich city is a common place for many snowbirds and seniors that want to enjoy tropical climates and great food without having to put their health at risk.  Puerto Vallarta makes the best place to do that.

Just like a lot of other places, Mexico has its share of troubles and dangers.  But just because Mexico has earned a reputation for being a conflict-rich place, doesn’t mean that every corner of it is a danger laying in wait.  Both locals and travellers ranked Puerto Vallarta as being the 6th safest city in all of Mexico, in fact.

What makes Puerto Vallarta safe?

The government does not allow violence or insecurity in Puerto Vallarta simply because it is widely recognized and appreciated as a tourist spot.  People from all over the world visit Puerto Vallarta  every year and are a huge contributor to the economy.  If tourists were to feel that they are unsafe and at-risk in Puerto Vallarta, they’d take their adventure and money elsewhere.

Security and protection are key in Puerto Vallarta and this is government-backed to ensure that everyone who comes here is going to enjoy quality living throughout their trip.  Not only is it safe, it also feels safe even to those who know little about Mexico as a whole.

Travellers agree that Puerto Vallarta is safe

You only have to spend a few years in larger cities around the US and Canada to know that these countries have as much danger and risk as other spots.  One of the surprising factors is that those who have lived in those US and Canadia cities actually feel a whole lot safer in Puerto Vallarta.  From explorations to the official presence of enforcement, it helps many people feel safe and secure even in somewhere as “unsafe” (from foreign perspectives) as Mexico.

The bottom line is that danger lurks everywhere.  No place is completely free of it.  However, when you want to enjoy your time as much as possible with low risk and lots of excitement, Pueto Vallarta is going to be a natural hub to go to.  Whether you stay for 1 week or over a year, Puerto Vallarta is amongst one of the safest places that you can stay in year round and know that you’ve got support if and when you were to need it.  Does a lot for the peace of mind, too!

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