Puerto Vallarta, the favorite destination for Canadians by 2022

According to an Expedia report, Puerto Vallarta is one of the top destinations for Canadians to visit in 2021, owing to its connectivity and short-haul flight distances, a fantastic temperate climate, and a plethora of natural attractions.

Although the majority of Canadians will remain at home due to the pandemic, many still have the desire and opportunity to travel in the year 2022.

Other international destinations to visit besides Puerto Vallarta, which is ranked first, include Hawaii, the Dominican Republic, the Maldives, and Polynesia.

According to the survey, after a record-breaking year like 2022, it’s difficult to imagine why so many travelers want to escape to a beach destination or an island at the first opportunity.

According to statistics, Canadians are the most frequent visitors to Puerto Vallarta, since visitors from the “Land of the Maple Leaf” value the tranquility, security, and adherence to health protocols in the tourism industry, as well as the availability of outdoor activities in a scenic setting of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and sea.

Puerto Vallarta, the favorite destination for Canadians by 2022

It is worth noting that air connectivity between Canadian cities and Puerto Vallarta has improved in recent months and will undoubtedly improve further during the winter season. There are currently weekly flights from Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

According to a report on “REPORTUR.mx,” the Pacific Coast has surpassed the Mexican Caribe in hotel occupancy during the week of November 9 to November 15.

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