Puerto Vallarta: “The Friendliest City in the World”


you head out on vacation to spend time with your partner, you shouldn’t be
worried about safety.  This includes
basic safety, such as robberies, but also your social safety.  A particularly common problem in the LGBTQ+
world, we wish to welcome everyone to Puerto Vallarta and make it clear that
this city really is the friendliest city the world.

            With plenty of attractions and
popular spots, Puerto Vallarta is the go-to spot for any and all couples to
enjoy and explore freely without fear of judgement, harm, or prejudice in all
of Puerto Vallarta.  From spas to tours
to restaurants and bars, there is something here in the rich world of this
bustling spot for everyone!

Puerto Vallarta: “The Friendliest City in the World”


Something for everyone

            One of the absolute best spots for
couples of all shapes, types, and sizes, zona romantica is one of those spots
with themed bars, restaurants and sights that is going to be totally
unforgettable.  Even if you have a busy
trip with other things in mind, you’ll certainly want to pick a time to at
least explore a little bit about this rich spot.

            Puerto Vallarta, publicly and
locally recognized as a tourist city, is going to be a fun and immersive
experience, whether you are an experienced traveller or not.  From food to culture to sights, to the
marvellous beaches, to relaxation at the seaside via a massage, there is going
to be a wonderful vibe and enjoyment from one spot to the next.


Puerto Vallarta is all about

            While not all cities in Mexico are
welcoming or accepting of LGBTQ+ couples, Puerto Vallarta is proud to be the
exception.  Understanding that love is
love, locals and authorities accept couples for what they are, however they
are, with no expectations or judgements. 
There is a strict expectation that everyone in Puerto Vallarta is to be
accepted and welcomed as part of the community and this city is proud to be a
safe haven, a status that is enforced if or when it is needed. 

            There is no bias or judgement
allowed toward LGBTQ+ and many of the attractions specifically cater or market
to these couples to make it clear that everyone truly is welcome.  This is especially-so in the popular zona
romantica, where it is more common than not to see other LGBTQ+ couples
wandering and freely enjoying the sights and spots around them. 


accepted as “the friendliest city in the world” for a long time, and today,
especially those couples that want safe experiences for the whole family,
including their partner, Puerto Vallarta is excited to be part of every
couple’s story, and openly welcomes any couples to adventure comfortable and
safely.  Whether you see it as a haven
for LGBTQ+ couples yourself, or just as an overall safe and secure spot to
enjoy something different for your family vacation, “the friendliest city in
the world” is certainly looking forward to being a key part of your travel
plans as well as your adventures throughout the entire city.

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