Punto Madeira Puerto Vallarta

Punto Madeira Vallarta. The ideal development for expats in Puerto Vallarta

Punto Madeira is a special place in la “Colonia Versalles” in Puerto Vallarta, thought for those who believe in the possibility of an extreme coziness, great comfort, perfect location and practical lifestyle. Condominiums Punto Madeira are planned to increase your lifestyle to another level. The way it is built, the proximity and easy access to main avenues and also shopping centers, and the main attractions of the city of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, make your life easier without taking the coziness and practicality away. It’s all included. Elevating your style of life, make it more comfortable and practical. 

But, why should you invest in Puerto Vallarta?
Well, there are so many good reasons why, but maybe we can start by telling you a little about economies. Because, when you compare the cost of living in Puerto Vallarta versus most U.S. or Canadian cities, you will notice that it costs you quite less to live in this magical city of Puerto Vallarta, and the quality of life is a lot better in many ways. Since Puerto Vallarta is so close to the ocean, it’s literally never cold and the salty breathable air keeps people in good health. Many retirees come here because it helps them maintain a good health. It can get warm and humid, as expected, especially in summertime, with the height in August and September. But during the winter and early spring, the weather is very comfortable with low humidity (lower 80s F). That’s when many “snowbirds,” from Canada and the northern United States, come to Puerto Vallarta and stay until next summer.

When running the cost of living numbers, Puerto Vallarta, in general, costs about 50% less to live in than most cities in North America. But from the investor point of view, the U.S. and Canadian purchasers have seen the incomparable pricing of properties and opportunities that are available in Puerto Vallarta.

For some years, Puerto Vallarta’s real estate market slowed down due to the financial crisis in the United States and general safety concerns about Mexico. If you were lucky to be a purchaser during this period, you would have had the opportunity of taking advantage of the ongoing decreases in real estate prices.

As a result of these price decreases, today’s buyers especially within the luxury home category have the opportunity of finding properties for sale at an excellent price. In some cases, below replacement value. Finally, Puerto Vallarta’s market has begun to stabilize, and once again we can see an increase in sales and new fantastic developments in different areas such as Puerto Madeira for example.

This fast recovering happened a result of many factors, such as Puerto Vallarta being one of the safest vacation locations in the world, also because it offers a relatively incomparable lifestyle that most people could not afford back in their countries such as the U.S. or Canada.

If you have the financial capacity and are looking forward to acquiring your new dream home, vacation house or condo, it just might be the best moment for you to take advantage of the ongoing Puerto Vallarta real estate market, as it is now the time to react.

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