The answer to the question everyone is asking: do I need a Temporary Resident Visa to buy property in Mexico?

If you’re seriously looking into the idea of buying property in Mexico and you want to know how to go about it, this is going to tell you all about the status of your time in Mexico and how that is going to connect to the idea of buying some land in this home-away-from-home! You may find it refreshing compared to other places in the world — many do! Let’s take a close look.

Can you buy property in Mexico? Firstly, yes, you can buy property in Mexico even when you are not a Mexican citizen. It is considered common practice in Mexico and is easily done when you want to get serious about potentially having that property that you’ve always dreamed of. A lot of land is sold to tourists, so it isn’t uncommon.

Do I Need a Temporary Resident Visa to Buy Property in Mexico? Many believe that they need to already be temporary residents of Mexico to buy land and property, but this is incorrect! Anyone who has a valid tourist visa for their time in Mexico can legally buy land in Mexico. At this point, they would be considered a temporary resident of Mexico, since you now have an investment in Mexico itself. At this point, you would apply for a formal temporary resident visa so that you can stay and enjoy your property.

Why are you no longer considered a tourist when you buy the property or a condo? Mainly because tourists can’t bring their property back with them as a souvenir. So, it’s implied that you have an interest in returning to Mexico and spending more time in Mexico legally as a temporary resident. Since many will buy land in Mexico as a secondary property, they’ll want to come and go as temporary residents and know that they have a set space to enjoy a great quality of life during their time in Mexico itself.

Do I need to keep my temporary resident visa current? Just like any other kind of visa, including a tourist’s visa, you will need to have a current visa so that you can enjoy your time in Mexico. If you have a temporary resident visa, you will need to continue to keep it active during your time here. You will also need to abide by all of the rules and expectations, of course, just like you would with a tourist visa.

What if I have a temporary resident visa — can I still buy land? Of course! You can definitely buy land in Mexico if you already have a temporary resident visa. You just do not require one to do so. If you have one when you choose to go looking at purchasing a property, this is just one step that you can save in the aftermath of settling down.

Buying land in Mexico doesn’t require a temporary resident permit. You can simply have a current tourist visa to do so. This makes it much easier than many places, which often do require that you are already a temporary or permanent resident of your chosen spot in order to do so.

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