The English-speaking community in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re interested in settling down in Puerto Vallarta, you must know that it is a place where not all is fun and vacation. There are also many other details that make it comfortable and help you to live and maintain a healthy way of life. Many retirees arrive here every year attracted by this simple but precious style.

The expat community is very active, with plenty of get-togethers, dinner parties, beach days, brunches, and more. Of course, a lot of the fun in this famous town is also on the water. If you like boats, you can find many options at the Marina Harbor on the north edge of town, or in Nuevo Vallarta, which is a well-planned community and resort area about 30 minutes north from the Malecon.

The English-speaking community in Puerto Vallarta

The Bay of Banderas, the fifth bigger bay in the world is a great place for sailing. It´s warm waters make it possible to practice almost any kind of activity such sport fishing or whale watching. Many expats like heading to small seaside villages up the coast to visit paradise places like Yelapa. In this tiny spot you can anchor offshore and wander in to enjoy lunch and a relaxing day on an uncrowded beach with a well-served tropical food.

From December to March, you can hope to catch a glimpse of migrating humpback whales. Of course, you can also go fishing and hope to catch marlin, sailfish, and tuna.
You can go on sailing trips up and down the coast to unspoiled beaches that can only be reached by boat. You can also stop for lunch at small fishing villages as well. Some expats even have their own boat at the large, full-service Marina Harbor or in Nuevo Vallarta, so they can come and go as they please.

If you want to go sightseeing, the towns of Sayulita and San Francisco (better known as San Pancho) are excellent places to visit and only about a one-hour drive to the north. Also, they offer world-class waves if surfing is one of your interests. When the water is calm standup paddle boarding is the best option if you want to practice a safer sport.

You can see many different genders of live music such as jazz, rock, acoustic guitar, and many others. The price of the tickets is also rather low compared to what you would pay in the U.S. or Canada even though the service and professionally is just the same or even better for some people who like this coast life.

As far as various activities goes, we could write an entire book about them. You can go golfing for the morning (or late afternoon), eat some good international food in different restaurants with different original specialties. If you haven’t learned Spanish yet, there are thousands of excellent options for you where you can take Spanish lessons. Need to stretch and relax? Do yoga at the beach. You like to go fast? Go practice some surfing. If you want to help the planet you can also help the baby turtle’s protection campaign and more. What are you waiting for? Join the English-speaking community in Puerto Vallarta

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