Vaccine passports have the potential to promote worldwide travel and the MICE business

The global travel and tourist business has been hit particularly hard by the limitations put by governments around the world on people’s movement in order to combat the spread of COVID-19. Although the virus has been classified a pandemic by the WHO for more than a year, normalcy appears to be eroding as the illness continues to wreak devastation.

Forming a globally recognized system as a worldwide standard for all destinations will assist ensure that a traveler’s journey is as smooth and easy as possible – an important aspect in helping to cure worldwide travel demand. If all of the certificates and passes that are being tested are released, it would just add to the confusion among travelers, which is the last thing that is required. Rather than being viewed as a competition, a digital vaccine passport should be viewed as an opportunity.

Vaccine passports have the potential to promote worldwide travel and the MICE business

To avoid losing another summer’s worth of vacation revenue due to the coronavirus pandemic, the United States, the European Union, some Asian governments such as Thailand, and the airline industry are rushing to create a centralized international system that would help electronically verify vaccination status and COVID-19 test results.

They claim that the COVID-19 vaccine passports can help launch most foreign travel. As a result, it will aid in the recovery of company losses (airline, tourist, business events, meetings, and hospitality industry).

Immunity Certificates

The user’s official or approved electronic immunization record is the first section of a vaccination passport.

The European Union, China, and Japan are all developing their own cross-border digital immunization certificates. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom upgraded its National Health Service app last week to allow fully vaccinated users to show their status when traveling overseas, coinciding with a relaxation of travel regulations.

Applications that are simple to use

Digitizing immunization certificates or COVID testing data will not suffice. In this case, the travelers will also require a smartphone app that can import such certificates, securely store them, and distribute them with the appropriate government agencies as needed.

Concerns about security

The vaccination passports are a contentious issue, with internet debate emphasizing erroneous claims that they would be used to control people, limit freedom, and infringe on privacy.

The security developers emphasize that minimal personal data is stored on phones, and the only thing that is communicated are encryption keys that allow information to be sent safely.

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