What you need to know to enjoy the Versalles Vallarta neighborhood

In the 1960s, Puerto Vallarta became one of the most famous destinations in Mexico after the movie “La noche de la iguana” and it has been welcoming travelers from all over the world ever since. Some even say that this lovely beach town is now the most perfect place to come if you’re looking for a heathy relaxing life. You will always find things to do in Puerto Vallarta to keep you, happy, relaxed and well entertained.  If your plan is to stay in Puerto Vallarta for a long period of time, you will, however, want to choose your neighborhood carefully based on the vibe you’re after and the budget you have.

What you need to know to enjoy the Versalles Vallarta neighborhood

The neighborhood Is one of the many excellent places to find a suitable place to live. But Versalles has a different story from many other places in Puerto Vallarta. It was one of the earliest established areas in the city, located on the eastern side of the main avenue of Francisco Medina in the Puerto Vallarta Hotel Zone. For decades, this neighborhood has been a mix of different residences, from humble apartment buildings, and middle-class family homes, to villas on lots that take up half and full city blocks.

This lovely area, still with cobblestone streets for the most part, has become a very interesting spot in the last few years. This neighborhood, which once housed a large horse stable that still stands to this day, is now one of Puerto Vallarta’s best real estate investments.

Versalles gives us a real “Old Vallarta” meeting “New Vallarta” sensation. Local family businesses, taco stands, and economical restaurants, stand now next to some of Puerto Vallarta’s most famous new dining spots. There are new Mexican organic markets, old churches, and many amenities that make this area one of the most combined and easygoing of the hole city. Prices are lower than Nuevo Vallarta or Malecon which gives us the opportunity to find something bigger for a more suitable price and still profit form the greatest touristic spots of Puerto Vallarta near to you.

If you’re looking for condominiums, they are a great option lately in Colonia Versalles, with both resales and new developments hitting the market, attracting young professionals and buyers looking for a second home in Puerto Vallarta.

Versalles has a location flanked by the Hotel Zone on one side and the beautiful street of Fluvial on the other. Also, two well-known supermarkets nearby make your life easier and of course, the direct access to the city’s main avenues (Francisco Medina and Francisco Villa).

Some of Puerto Vallarta’s best private hospitals and private schools are only minutes away, close public beach access by La Isla famous shopping plaza and located equal distance from Marina Vallarta and Old Town, the Versalles neighborhood has a lot to offer Puerto Vallarta real estate investors.

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